Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Shopping For MEEEEE!!!

I rarely shop for myself, but I suspect a lot of Mothers are like this. It just happens, you get so involved in your children's lives, that you forget about yourself. I am guilty of that, anyone else?

Today while I was out running errands with my daughter, I thought I would make a stop into Value Village. I love going in there and finding treasures, though it doesn't always happen. Today I did though, and I am so happy I went in searching for something for myself! Shopping for myself Works For Me, because it makes me feel good. Every mom should do it, at least once in awhile.

I collect colored glass. I don't have a ton of pieces, but I love collecting it. My mom has bought me quite a few pieces, and I pick them up if I can find them for a good price. So today at Value Village, I saw these. My eyes widened in shock as I looked them over looking for flaws. I found none. But was the price right? Yes!!! $2.99 for the yellow bowl, and $4.99 for the green one.

Please pardon my poor draping skills, lol. My white tablecloth is dirty, and I had to improvise with a white top I slung over the back of my chair.

It definitely Works For Me to Shop for Myself! Check out other WFMW posts over at We Are THAT Family.


Just Jennifer said...

Just stopping by from WFMW to check out your blog. It's pretty spiffy. :) And you have some great articles. I enjoyed reading the couple I looked at. You have officially gotten yourself another daily reader :)

Thanks for havin' me and hope to see you over at my bloggy. Have a great week.

Print Postcards | UPrinting.com said...

These are awesome finds, definitely worth what you spent if it made you that happy :)
I agree with you, every mom should shop for themselves every once in a while, call it retail therapy. I keep telling my mom that! She just won't listen :)

Thia said...

I LOVE colored glass and collect it too. I have a green bowl that has the same pattern as that yellow one. Last weekend while yardsaling, I came across a beautiful purple one. I haven't found a spot for it yet, we just moved so I need to think on it, but I can't wait to see it in the sun.