Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Holiday Grand Plan, Week 1

Every year, every single year, I say I am going to follow through with this plan. I have never succeeded. 2005 I was pregnant and too exhausted, plus we moved into a new house. 2006, my computer was broken. In 2007 I just forgot, plain and simple, because I didn't have a computer or internet access. And in 2008, I failed again. I've made it my goal to try and get as far as a I can with the HGP. Thanks to OranizedChristmas.com and the lovely Cynthia Ewer and Katie Leckey, I hope to accomplish it this year.

The Holiday Grand Plan is a 16 week plan to help you get your house in order for the holidays to ensure a stress-less holiday for you and your family. It includes house cleaning, baking, cooking, shopping, gift making, decorating etc. If it involves Christmas, it's included.

I actually missed the start of Week 1 since we were gone yesterday, so I'm starting it now. My plan is to post each monday and friday to show how I am doing, with Monday being the day with the week's tasks, and friday being the day I tell you how I did. That's the plan at least.

Without further ado, Week 1

Week 1 is LIST WEEK, and the cleaning/decluttering focuses on cleaning and organizing the FRONT PORCH.

Feel free to join us at the Holiday Magic message boards if you want to discuss this plan further with the other members. Or let me know on here how you're doing with it, if you decide to participate!

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