Monday, September 21, 2009

Pre-School At Home

Does anyone do a preschool program at home? If so, what kind of activities do you do with your pre-schooler?

We made the decision to keep our 3.5 year old daughter at home this year to save money. Our two oldest children never went to preschool or pre-k, and did just fine going into kindergarten. Our middle daughter went, but only because her birthday is in October, and I wanted her to be in pre-k/preschool to be ready for Kindergarten. This one will go to pre-K next year, so I will do her preschool "education" here at home.

At Wal Mart and Dollar Tree, I picked up a few work books. Wal Mart had a nice thick one (like text book size!) for only a few dollars. I also picked up a letter tracing booklet at Target.

I thought a couple times a week, I could help her with her letters and do a few pages from the books. She already knows all her letters by sight and sound, so we just need to work on writing them. Colors aren't a problem for her, nor are shapes, as she picked those up early.

We've also got activities planned, and one of them includes going to the library story time once a week. It's a half hour long, and geared towards preschoolers. This Thursday is our first time, I'm looking forward to taking her. And of course, crafts will come into play too, I just haven't quite decided what kind of craft we'll do. Is one a week good?

If you do preschool at home for your child, what kind of activities do you do with them? What do you teach them?


Alexandra said...

It sounds like you have a great routine!

We do the same - the Dollar Tree/ Walmart workbooks, story time at the bookstore/library, play ground, "field trips", etc.

My daughter is not all that into crafty learning, so she does a lot of computer learning with Reader Rabbit, Sesame Street preschool, and other cd-roms for preschool children.

We've got felts, puzzles, tangrams, lots of little people toys - houses, etc. for the imagination.

She likes watching PBS learning shows, so we sing together and answer the telly questions. has some fun resources. We've done the letter people.

So far we are teaching letters, shapes, numbers, colors, some tracing, dot-to-dot,beg. matching, beg. scissors skills, etc. I just follow what's in the workbooks. I also got some formal curriculum from a homeschool provider - Rod & Staff. They have a pack of workbooks for specific ages. I use this as my guide. My four year old daughter is working through the three and four year old workbooks.

We also read preschool books to her, and ask her questions about what we are reading, pointing to things, etc.

I ran my now eleven year old son through the same routine and he did fine when he reached K level.

Print Brochures | said...

The library trip sounds like a fantastic idea. You could check online too, I'm sure there are lots of pre-school activities you can do online with her. And maybe some physical activity as well.

Thia said...

Wal Mart has a tracing activity that uses the dry erase markers. My daughter has loved it. It has four pages, thick cardboard, with numbers, shapes, and letters.