Sunday, August 31, 2008

Sunday Seven

I though I would end each week with 7 things. It can be anything I want, 7 things I am happy about, sad about, thankful for, excited get the picture!

Tonight will be 7 things I am happy about!

1: My contacts are getting easier and easier to wear!

2: New hair cuts/styles do wonders for your self esteem...go get one today! I did and I feel fantastic. I had 8" cut off the length and got it layered. My hair was half way down my back. I almost donated to locks of love, but I wasn't ready to go that short. 10" is what is required and that would have been a bit too much for me.

Jeans that I bought a month ago were too tight, and now they fit!

4: I got to go out by myself today, without the kids

5: School starts in 3 days!!

6: I finally found a silver box chain that doesn't pull my hair, to hold my locket that hubby got me for Xmas last year.

7: I have an awesome pair of sunglasses that I can wear now because I have contacts, and I can also wear a head band now too if I want.

So what about you...what are 7 things you are happy about?

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