Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Look What I Just Bought!

No need to hide my Gymboree "addiction", lol, so I had to share what I bought tonight for the girls. The poor boy didn't get a stitch, but that is ok, because he is going shopping with Daddy next week for school clothes (so are the older girls, but my hubby will probably get him a few extra things).

This is what I got for the baby, I also got antennae too, but I am not sure if they will fit her yet. If not, I can easily buy or make some:

I got this shirt for all three girls so they can match

I also got this for the older two girls. Now all three girls have matching pjs. The baby has those pjs already from last year, they still fit her.

I'll be buying the older kids halloween costumes soon, but I wanted to get the baby's costume because it was 30% off. Gymboree has some really cute pjs (gymmies are what they call them) this year, they also have black skeleton gymmies that I have for the baby as well. Unfortunately, not in the boy's size, as he is a bean pole and needs a size 10.


Karen said...

Great choices!! Love all of those--especially the gymmies. I might try to get some at the baby sale (if there are any left). :o)

KrustyTheCat said...

I didnt want to risk not getting them in our sizes, so that is why I got them last night. I'm going in store today to pick up my holds too, there is lots more I got for the baby. lol I figured it was ok...all 3 older kids are getting a ton of new school clothes next week. But I've earned 4 gymbucks! eek! lol