Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Becoming A Better Me

Today I thought I would talk about the dreaded "E" word.....

*insert ominous music*


Most people hate, and I use that word lightly, to exercise. Can you blame them? It isn't very fun, it is hot, sweaty work and you have to do it over and over to see results.

I myself do not look forward to going to the gym. It seems like an intrusion into my day. But honestly, once I get there, and I am into it, then I feel great! It really isn't all that bad once you start exercising and doing your cardio or strength training.

But what is it about exercise that makes us feel good? The answer is in Endorphins! Endorphins are powerful, hormone-like substances produced in the brain, and they're actually your body's own pain killer.

Back to the point, Becoming A Better Me. I exercise so that I can feel better about myself. I did really poorly in July, but the last week I have started to go regularly again, and despite my protests about going and it being an intrusion, it is doing me a world of good. I can feel my muscles more while I am working out and I'm starting to lose weight again. I also exercise because I want to lose weight. I am not happy at all where I am weight-wise, so I am doing this so I can become a thinner version of myself. I want to be the me that is inside.

I also made the decision that if I really want this weigh to come off, I have got to go more than 3 times a week. So I am sucking it up and going 4 times. Monday thru Thursday. Monday and Wednesday mornings, and then Tuesday and Thursday, late afternoon, while the kids are in Karate and swimming. It does cost more, but my health is important too. I am worth some money I would think!

If you don't exercise regularly, I urge you to try. You don't have to have a fancy, shmancy YMCA membership like me, even working out at home will do wonders for your mental and physical health. Any sort of cardio and resistance training is good. Start of slow and gradually build your way up, and once you plateau, or something becomes too easy, then challenge yourself to work harder! I know I do! I used to want to die after I got off the Elliptical machine, and now I am doing a good 30-40 minutes with ease. Granted, I am as red as a tomato by the time I am done, but I still do it, and don't feel like I am dying afterwards. And for the record, I don't just do cardio. I also do a LOT of resistance and strength training. Weights will do a body good! Also, if you tone as well as do cardio, you run less risk of having saggy skin when you are done.

Do yourself a favor and start exercising. Go to the gym, go take a walk, even do some dumbbell curls with cans of soup! Anything is better than nothing. You'll feel better about yourself, and wonder what took you so long to get started.

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Mama Bear said...

Oy, I hear you on the red as a tomato. LOL I am also beet red by the time I'm done, and sweating like a stuck pig - but you are right, you feel GREAT afterwards!!!

I've started going 5 times a week now. Mon, Wed and Fri I do the 30 minute circuit plus tanning and then Tues and Thurs I do cardio plus the Abmaster and Buttmaster. LOL

I wish I could go in the daytime though. I'm contemplating getting up at 6am on Mon, Wed and Fris so that I can have at least those 3 evenings free. Ugh.