Friday, August 29, 2008

Misery Loves Company

Anyone care to join me in complaining? I started a diet on Wednesday with my hubby, and today the food made me want to throw up. I am sick of it and haven't eaten anything since mid afternoon. I actually felt like I was going to vomit. I just want a freakin bowl of honey nut cheerios! I am miserable and don't want to eat the required diet food today, it really makes me feel sick to my stomach. And all he does is say it will ruin my diet, if I eat the wrong stuff. OMG I want to scream!!!

I also got my contacts today, and I see great...but my eyes are so not used to them! They won't stay moist, so tomorrow I have to stop by the drug store and buy some new re-wetting drops because the type the Dr. gave me sting my eyes. Other than that, it is great being able to wear some cool shades! I love that!

I think I am going to sneak a bowl of cheerios in...wish me luck!

edited to add: all is good on the diet front, I have decided to try something less challenging. And I talked to hubby about it too, and he supports my decision. I feel better, after having a bowl of cereal!

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Denise said...

Hey have you heard of the ABS diet? There's two books, one for women and one for men, bu they're basically the same. I checked the book out from our library and I'm starting this week. Seems normal enough and not too drastic. Wish me luck!