Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Non-Commercial Christmas

Yes, yes, I know it's june! But being that Christmas is only 6 months away, it is time to start planning! Yep, I do start planning sometime during the summer. Usually around mid July after the Hallmark Ornament premiere. So this year it is early, but that's ok.

Last year we spent a lot of money on the kids and each other. The two highlights of Christmas 2008 were the Wii and accessories we bought as a family gift, and my iPod Touch (that my husband saved up for out of his own truck money without telling me. awwww! <3).

Since he and I are all about being more frugal this year due to The Big Project, we've decided to do a non-commercial Christmas as best as we can. Our goal is to buy nothing that is electronic, nothing that involves electronics, nothing that uses electricity. That means no DVDs, no Wii games etc etc. I think we can do it. I know we can for the kids, but we're not sure about each other yet. It will challenge us to think outside the box, that's for sure.

We did set a price limit, but I'm thinking of discussing a raise in that department. I'm not sure yet though, I have to give it some time, shop the sales and see what I can do with our amount. I think the kids will be easy, I just have to really watch the clearance aisles. The amount does not include stocking stuffers, or clothing. Or stuff I can make on my own. So I could make the girls a whole bunch of hair bows, korkers and clips, and it wouldn't count towards the budget.

We just have to be creative!


Jessica said...

Have you considered buying things in only the four categories of "Need, Want, Read, Wear"? It's a way of buying gifts that I've seen really large families (4+ kids) do. Each present is wrapped and labeled and that way everyone has an idea of what's inside (of course, the labeling can be left off). And, I imagine, it's a way the parents can keep track of who gets what.

I think it's a great way to keep the commercialism down to a dull roar :)

Rina the Mama Bear said...

Good for you guys!!!

I also second Jessica's opinion - fantastic way to buy gifts.