Thursday, June 18, 2009

2nd Grade Projects

My 8 year old twins just had their final project of the year due on Monday. The assignment was to create a model of an insect of their choice. My son picked the Bulldog Ant, and my daughter picked the Monarch Caterpillar. Parents were allowed to help, but didn't have to. I did decide to help a little.

Check out our handiwork:

For the Ant, I cut out pieces of styrofoam and stuck them together with toothpicks. My son cut the legs, antennae and eyes out. He also did the painting himself. I did put the legs in the Ant. He also did the "rock", made out of brown and black play-doh.

For the caterpillar, I did the construction because it used all hot glue. My daughter did cut the legs, antennae and eyes out, but I glued it for her. She found the sticks, made the chrysalis, and pasted the leafs onto the inside of the box.

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