Monday, June 01, 2009

Cry With Me!

Many of you know that I am a die-hard Gymboree shopper. Even Mama Bear knows it, and sends me her coupons in the mail from Canada.

Well, last January was Gymbuck Redemption time. That is when you redeem your "Gymbucks", which are essentially $25 off a $50 purchase. You have to spend $50 to earn them too. I had a bunch of Gymbucks, and bought a large majority of my daughter's fall and winter wardrobe. It was stuff I was so excited for her to wear, I even had her do a little fashion show. I bought big too, because I knew she would be growing during the summer months.

Little did I know how much she would grow.

Are you ready?

Since her 3 year checkup on March 12th, she has grown almost a half inch and GAINED 4 POUNDS!!!! 4 freakin' pounds in 2.5 months!!!!!

So guess what? Tomorrow all those clothes I got for dirt cheap are going back. That means the $2 shirts, the $5 jeans, everything is going back. It fits her NOW. We're into summer heat now, and averaging about 70-80F days, so there is no sense in keeping it in case it fits. Her little chubby belly won't let me button up the jeans without them being at the loosest possible hole on the adjustable waist. I could possibly hold off and keep them, but she would need everything new by October at the latest. And I only have 6 months to return anyway, and my 6 months is up June 14th.

I'm so bummed out about this! Some of this stuff I can't buy anymore because it is a 5T, and Gymboree's baby girl sizes stop at a 5T. She'll be almost exclusively in Kid girl now. So most of it isn't even replaceable in a bigger size. I've learned my lesson, that's for sure. I was lucky that I bought a few size 6 tops for her, so I have a few items I can keep.

I guess there is a silver lining to this cloud though, I get to replace the items that don't fit. Which means I get to buy all new stuff for the fall.

For the record, she is 3y3months, almost 40" tall and weighs 38lbs. She is wearing a full size 5 right now, with a few 4s and 6s thrown in. Her jeans are a size 4, and all the new ones I buy will have to be a 5. In the fall, her tops will be mostly size 6 with a few big 5s thrown in. This does explain having to size up on her shorts yesterday, her thighs looked like they were in sausage casings!

What are your 3 year old's stats?


Danna said...

I know that my daughter (she'll be 4 in about 2weeks)is tall but I don't know the exact measurement. I do know that she is 35lbs. She's into mostly 4's but some 3's still too. In fact, I just took out her summer box from last year and she's still can't fit into some of the things because she's just too skinny! (I wish I had that issue, not her!)
Glad that "A" is healthy though but it really is a bummer that you have to do some returning...I guess it's better now than after June 14th! ;-) I sympathize with you!

Rina the Mama Bear said...

Oh NO!!!!! That's awful - good that you'll be able to return it all though. And you are right - you just get to re shop! Hehe.

Baby Bear's growing like a weed too. He's 21 months, weighs 30 pounds, is nearly 3 feet tall and wears size 2T clothing. He's fitting that size well though and if I buy something for him I buy it in 3T.

Jessica said...

Buying clothes for these little weeds we call babies is a crap shoot from the moment you step into a store.

My son is a 2T in some stores, an 18mos in othes. I can never tell. And I just bought a ton of summer clothes at H&M in sizes 1 1/2-2 yrs (yeah, they have that) and they're all HUGE! Thank God it's bloody hot in Texas until November, so he has a good shot at growing into them around his 2nd birthday haha.

Aimee said...

Eva and Elijah will be three on Saturday. She's tall and very thin, he's two or three inches shorter! They would be swimming in all the clothes you're returning! Crazy how kids vary so much. Hope you can find some good stuff though!