Friday, June 19, 2009

I'm Going To Be An Aunt!

My hubby's sister is pregnant and due next January, or February we think. She isn't quite sure of her due date yet, but she will find out soon at her next appointment.

We're all very excited! This will be the 6th grandchild for my In-laws, and the first grandchild they'll be able to hold from birth. They haven't met my one niece who lives in Minnesota, and my father in law has only met my kids once. We're planning a trip out there next summer, July probably, and then we'll be able to meet the newest member of our family. My sister-in-law and I have gotten quite close, and text and talk all the time, so it's like my own sister is expecting. It is quite funny because as this is her first pregnancy, she is full of questions and keeps asking me stuff about being pregnant.

We're all hoping she has a boy too. My brother in law is the only boy in his family, and our son is the only boy in our family. Actually, my son is the only grandson on each side! So we need some boys!!!

I was at the mall yesterday picking up a shirt for myself, and also stopped by Gymboree to check out their Red Balloon Sale. I picked up this for Katie (my sis in law):

The romper was a whopping $2.39 and the pants were only $.79!!!!! I'm going to try find the coordinating jacket and hat for her as well.

I love those pieces. Aren't they cute? They're a soft velour material.

I also picked up these items for my own kids:

For the older girls, they got the shirts and skirts, my son got the Halloween shirt, and the baby got the jeans and cami. Our oldest got the Halloween tights, and all the girls are sharing the hair accessories. The Christmas ones will be going in stockings, as will the tulle skirts. The older girls will love them (and I got one for them in each of their sizes!)

My grand total was only $52.62 plus tax. I got 22 items for $2.59 each with tax!!! But if you want to get technical like me, without tax, each item cost $2.39. Way better than Wal Mart or Target prices!!

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