Sunday, April 04, 2010

We're Moved In!

As I write this post, I am sitting here at my new desk, with a red face from crying, tears running down my face and a drippy nose. I just got an email from an old family friend and it made me fall to pieces.

I want to write a really good "Hello New House" blog post, but I'm not quite sure I can yet, I want to get used to the house first. But rest assured, we are adjusting well. The kids are in heaven here, as we live in a cul-de-sac, and there is a boy across the "curve" lol that is the same age as my son. They played together all day yesterday. The street is so incredibly quiet, and safe, and I can easily send the kids outside and not worry about where they are. Plus we have two dirt lots on either side that haven't been built on yet, so the kids are having a fun time exploring in the dirt, rocks and seeing the various ducks that come by. They can ride their bikes as well without getting into trouble. We will be very happy here, I can see that already.

On Friday morning, the movers came at 9AM and were finally done at 2PM. They did a great job and I was very impressed with them, so it was very very much worth the cost to pay them rather than ask people to help me. I had about an hour to myself, and then at 3PM I had more friends come over off and on and, and then we had people in the house all day till 10PM! I won't name names, but I couldn't have done it without the help of all my friends that really chipped in. On Thursday I was also blessed to have six other friends of mine come and help me with last minute packing and cleaning. I still have a lot of cleaning to do at the old house, and there is furniture there that is being picked up and donated this week, but the house is empty save for that stuff. I had to laugh a bit because EVERY time Barry and I moved together, we were NEVER EVER ready to go on moving day. Never. And guess what? I was ready to go Friday morning, everything was packed and labeled, and the movers got right to work. So TAKE THAT Barry! lol

I am still not used to this place, it feels like I am living in someone else's house. The new furniture is especially disorienting, as we have none of our familiar stuff except our kitchen table and chairs. Last night it took me awhile to fall asleep in my new bed (mattresses were delivered yesterday!) because it was so new. I was sleeping in a new bed, on new mattresses, new pillows and with brand new bedding. I wonder if I feel this way because Barry was never here. And perhaps that is a good feeling in some ways, because we don't have the constant reminders of him around every corner. This house just feels "different", it has a different aura about it...I can sense it, but I don't know what it is. I am sure it will just take us time to adjust and become comfortable in our surroundings and then it will all be good.

Early early this morning it hit me when I realized what the date was. April 4th. Check out this post I wrote October 5th. Little did I know that when I wrote about losing my best friend, I actually would just a mere 5 days later.

It is exactly six months ago that Barry came home for the very last time alive. It was a Sunday too. October 4th he came home about 6PM, and we watched as he pulled his Kenworth into the driveway. He didn't come out of the truck to see the kids because he didn't want to get them sick. So the last time the kids saw their daddy alive was on the evening of October 4th as he waved to them from the cab of his truck. Shortly after that, my friend Sara came over and watched them for me, as I brought him to the ER from which he would never return. Six months that we have been having a real live nightmare.

And all I can do is sigh.

To celebrate our new home, I am making a VERY un-traditional Easter dinner as our first
official meal here. I'm actually making Barry's famous spaghetti. I haven't been able to make that since before he died, so we haven't eaten it in probably close to 8 months if not longer. We've had spaghetti once since, that a friend brought over, but I just haven't had the courage to do it. He made the absolute best spaghetti, nothing topped it. And now I am carrying on his legacy by making it. I'm looking forward to eating his spaghetti actually!

I hope everyone has a Happy Easter! I am overloaded with Cadbury creme eggs, as my kids have decided the don't like them anymore! And in Barry's words..."Communists!"


Chrissy said...

Girl, do that hello post whenever u feel ready... I'd be sighing too!. It took me awhile to get use to another house...You will know when u are comfortable. yeah, Cadbury eggs, eww. my kids liked them for a short time, then discovered they were gross when they ate into a stale one...

Liss said...

Tough memories - welcome to your new home - that would be weird having all new stuff like you were living in a hotel or a display home? You'll feel at home in no time I expect - I admire you for making such a fresh start.

And you gotta share the recipe for Barrys' Spaghetti please! I'd love to try it as a tribute xxx

Manda said...

Welcome to your new house. I hope that you and your children will make a bunch of new happy memories and make that house a home for yourself. I can't even imagine how hard it is to be the one to hold everything together, but you're doing it, and you're doing an awesome job. Never forget that God is right there beside you helping you along the way :)