Wednesday, August 26, 2009

My Husband Is Addicted To Gadgets

My husband always likes to have new gadgets to play with. Last year he was uber excited about the iPhone 3G, got it, and cashed in his vacation time to get it. He's had his iPhone for a year now, and loves it, but hates AT&T with a passion. Abhors them. They have horrible service coverage. He needs more because of his job, as AT&T has practically nothing in some of the states he drives in.

So what did he do, but go sign us up for new accounts through Verizon. We're in the process of cancelling our AT&T account, and he will be selling his iPhone through Craigslist, or I'll be doing it on eBay. As a replacement, he will be getting a classic iPod for his music/videos/audio books once we sell the iPhone.

We got a good deal on our phones through Verizon though, it was buy one get one free. We both got the Blackberry Tour. But oh how confusing this thing is! I am slowly learning how to use it, but I feel like I have a twitch, because I can't type worth shit on a tiny QWERTY keyboard. I do really like it for it's BB messenger service, which means I can chat with my sister, who lives in Canada, all day long if I want, and not have to pay anything for it. And if I need to do something online while I am out, I have readily available Internet access.

I still love my iPod touch though, and use that all the time. Right now I have about a million different ways to access the Internet though. I have my iTouch, my Blackberry Tour, and my PC, plus we can access the internet via our WiFi on our Wii. I can twitter through my PC via TweetDeck or on the web, through UberTwitter, TwitterBerry and TwitterCasters on the BB, through my phone via text, through TwitterFon, TweetDeck and Twitterific on my iTouch. Ugh! It's a bit of an overload I think, lol. I'll just stick to my favorites I think (TweetDeck, UberTwitter, the web and via text). I have a bit of a media overload I think, haha.

If you have a CrackBerry, what do you use it for besides a phone? Are there any good Apps you can recommend? Any tips?

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