Saturday, August 15, 2009

It's The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year

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It really is the most wonderful time of the year. Parents all over are counting down the days till their spawn, uhh...I mean children, go back to school. Some lucky parents have already unloaded their kids to the teachers already. Any honest parent can say they really are looking forward to the start of school. And know what? I AM!!! I can't wait to have only one child at home starting September 9th. Only 3.5 more weeks! You are lying to yourself if you are not looking forward to it.

My plan is to keep me and the baby (we really should stop calling her that, she is 3.5 now and anything but a baby) busy, busy. Every 1st and 3d Tuesday of the month we go to MOPS in the morning. I've also just joined the local Mom's Meetup Group, and there is a lot of fun activities planned with them (park playdates, field trips, pumpkin patch stuff in October etc). And I'm also going to be taking her to library story time every Thursday morning. That will keep us plenty busy I think, especially with normal day to day errands. I am really looking forward to having a schedule again too.

This summer has been a bit chaotic for us. We had a month of summer vacation before we went on Vacation to Canada, spent a week there,and then came back home. Since then we've had one really, really hot week. It was at 106* one day! We've gone to the Zoo a couple times, gone to friends' houses, gone swimming in our pool, went strawberry and blueberry picking. And now the weather is cold. It has been raining and cold the last week or so, and we've only got a good 3 weeks before summer is over. My husband is coming home in two weeks, so we'll be busy then (and the kids are going to see my mom and step-dad for a weekend). But I'm just not sure what I want to do the next couple weeks. Any ideas?

The Zoo is out...maybe. We might make one more day trip out of it, but I have to see what the weather is like. I would like to take the kids to the park a few more times as well.

I've been buying school supplies and clothes throughout the summer to help break up the costs of 4 children needing new clothes, and 3 needing school supplies. But we're almost done!

All that's left to buy is:
  • socks and underwear for all the kids
  • new backpack (we're springing for Jansport this time so they last a bit longer)
  • new tennis shoes
  • the last few school supplies like water color paints and a memory stick for the twins
I was very blessed to find everything we needed on sale this year, and have the kids still fit into some things from last year. Today I bought the last of the clothes at Old Navy online. I had a 20% off $100 coupon, so I threw in a few things for the baby to get to the $100 mark. Old Navy is having their $5, $10, $15 sale, so I got a lot of stuff today and earlier this week. I think I've spent maybe $300 on every one's clothes, if not less! Shoes will not be cheap, probably $100 for 3 pairs, and our son wears men's shoes, so his shoes are not cheap.

Is anyone else rejoicing with me because their kids are going back to school? I know I can't be the only one!

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