Saturday, December 13, 2008

Tree Chaos

Last weekend when my mom and sister were over, we put up the tree. I was too tired and not paying attention, to realize that half the branches weren't fluffed, so it has been driving me crazy all week. Then, I noticed that half of my lights weren't working. So today, I decided to scrap the whole thing and the kids and I took it apart and re-decorated all of it. This morning we took the ornaments off, as well as the lights. I didn't want to go the rest of December being irritated by my tree because I wasn't happy with how it looked, know what I mean?

After lunch today, the kids and I trekked over to Target and bought all new lights. We got home and fluffed the branches up, re-strung the lights and re-hung all the ornaments. It looks much much better. I wish I could get a good picture of it with the lights on, it looks really pretty. We have had the tree for 8 years now, we purchased it from Wal Mart when the twins were only 10 months old. It is 7.5 feet tall and 5 feet wide at the base. I didn't even put all the ornaments up this year, we just don't have enough room on the tree. Usually we switch things up every year and vary what ornaments we have.

Please keep in mind that the kids did most of the decorating, so there are some bare spots. lol We have always done a "family" themed tree, though I do do a gingerbread themed tree for the kitchen usually. I scrapped that idea this year though, because we just don't have the room.

Behold the tree in all it's glory!!!


Mama Bear said...

It looks great! Love how chubby it is - I had scraggly trees.

Although I love our Charlie Brown tree very much!


Shopping cart said...


This tree is well decorated and there are so many people like these kinds of trees.