Friday, December 19, 2008


Yesterday brought the news that school was cancelled through till January 5th. So my kids are getting a 19 day break from school!!! They had 3 snow days today, and one late start, which was on Monday. Lucky kids ;o) We have been busy playing in the snow every day since then, making numerous snowmen, sledding and just having fun. We live on a bad road, it hasn't been plowed or anything...not even salted, so I haven't been out of the house since Tuesday!! I'm getting a bit of cabin fever I think. We'll probably head out in a few days though, but I have no reason to go out and we have plenty of groceries.

Today I got notice that my hubby is coming home on Monday!!! Two days early!! So we've been doing a lot of cleaning. I always do a deep clean before he comes home. And I haven't even started on my baking yet...ugh!!! That is OK though, we'll get that done yet. That is part of the reason why I haven't been blogging in awhile...too much to do!!

We decided to wait to do our Gingerbread house till daddy comes home because we thought it would be fun if he got to participate. He is gone all the time and doesn't get to do a lot of fun things with us, so that will be a special family activity we will do. We also have to do some last minute shopping that I have been putting off till he comes home because I just don't want to drive in this weather (no snow forecast for today, but again all weekend). He can drive me around while I do my errands.

To end this, I want to share our favorite song right now. I found this by accident last night and HAD to have it from iTunes. It is called Dragostea Din Tei, by O Zone, a Romanian Boy band. hehe

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