Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Still No Time

I'm still here.

Maybe it's the weather, maybe a touch of winter blues, who knows...but I just haven't felt like blogging. My mom and I had huge argument and I am still trying to recover from their visit. They left yesterday morning. I just really haven't felt the urge to blog lately, so I hope everyone understands. Please continue to visit, don't go away forever, lol. I will start posting regularly, but I need to get some thing in order around the house and get ready for christmas too!

On the plus side, I am all DONE shopping for Christmas. I finished the last of it up this weekend when I went out with my sister. It feels good to be done. Now, all I have left to purchase is a gift from the kids to daddy (they'll pick that out) and stocking candy, and get my baking stuff. Our tree was put up over the weekend, it looks pretty, and I like having it up. We've had the same tree since Dec 2001!!! lol We bought it when the twins were just 10 months old.

Anyway, I'm off to finish my grocery list, shower, get the baby bathed and dressed, go shopping for groceries and genearlly try not to lose my head.


Mama Bear said...

Hope you can relax tonight and that the fight doesn't bug you in the head too much.


Yay for Christmas decorating!!!!!

Stephanie said...

Finished?! I'm jealous! :) Hugs to you!