Monday, December 29, 2008

Happy Anniversary To Us!!

9 years ago, my Husband and I tied the knot! We were married in a lovely civil ceremony in Germany. I had no one to give me away, my dress was a silver ball gown and I did my own hair and makeup. He wore a suit he already had and shoes from his military dress uniform. When we got ready, my strap broke and he had to sew it back on for me as I was wearing it. Our witnesses were his 1st Sgt and a couple friends. We spent our wedding meal at the Brauhaus and ate bratwurst, fries and beer or coke. His 1st Sgt and LT paid for our meal as a wedding gift from them, and they joined us as well as a couple other friends. There was no fanfare, no party, but it was a beautiful day. And here we are, 9 years later and more in love than ever.

Our marriage has had its ups and downs, but we've grown and changed together. We've been through good times and bad, but through it all, we still love each other. And we're still as attracted to each other as we were 9 years ago.

Unfortunately we weren't able to find a sitter tonight, so we treated the kids and ourselves to dinner out at a Chinese restaurant. The kids loved it, and then we stopped at Safeway on the way home to get ourselves a bottle of Champagne and some ice cream. But we had a really good time!

Here's to 9 years Honey!!!! I hope we have many many more!!! I love you more than anything <3

Here is our Love Story, that I wrote ages ago, and for good measure, here is a photo of the place where we were married:


Mama Bear said...

Congratulations (again)!!! I hope you guys have many bajillion more years together!!

Danna said...

Congratulations! AWE, I just love romantic stories! ;-) Cheers to a million more years together! ;-)

Angie said...

Congrats!! Hubby and I celebrated our 8th this month on the 16th. We too, took the kids to eat with us. :)

Anonymous said...

Best DH and I were also married on December 29th--in 1979, which puts us 20 years further along the road than you two!! Good need to worry about a babysitter for us! Pattie