Friday, January 29, 2010

A Year Of Memories, January 29th 2000

I just got back from the gym a little while ago. I realized while I was there that today was January 29th. I don't want to write today at all. But I have to keep up with my "A year of Memories" posts, right? I made a commitment to it, so I should stick with it. Sorry if my writing today is jumbled, un-flowy and all that crap, I just don't feel like remembering today.

When Barry and I were married, we had a very very small wedding. Only a few people were in attendance, and we didn't have much of a reception. If you want to count the Brauhaus, then we'll count that, but that memory will come later this year.

Sometime in January 2000, Denise Pledger, the wife of one of Barry's Sgt's, offered to host a reception of some sorts for us at her house. They held it on our one month anniversary. I don't even really remember who came to it! I know for sure it was us, The Pledgers, Sgt Mac and a few others. I really couldn't tell you though.

We had lots of good food, I do remember that. I had this cookbook that my mom had bought me years before that, a Hershey Cookbook that I still have to this day, and it had a fantastic chocolate mousse recipe in it. Barry and I made that for the party, and prepared it in our room in the barracks.

We had the ironing board set up b/c we had no counter space, so there he was, mixing up chocolate mousse on an ironing board in the barracks. It cracks me up to this day, I can still picture it in my mind, seeing him there with the mixer in his hand.

At the party, the only gift I really remember getting was some baking dishes from Sgt Bravo, she was Barry's squad Sgt, and a Blender from Sgt Mac. I still had that blender years later, in fact, I think I only got rid of it a couple years ago because it finally died or something. I have a funny story about that blender though, that I will have to share later. And that blender also made all of our baby food for all 4 kids, it served us well for a very long time.

That is all I remember about that night, our post-wedding wedding-reception. It was a fun night though.

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Manda said...

That's a sweet memory to have :)