Thursday, July 16, 2009

Happy Birthday To Me, I'm Going On Vacation myspace graphic comments

29 Years ago I was born. And now while you're reading this, I'll probably be cursing myself for even entertaining the thought of driving 4+ hours to my mother's house, in another country, with 4 kids and my husband. (This blog post was scheduled to be posted Thursday, but was written Tuesday night).

We left at 10 Am this morning, and will be stopping for lunch sometime around noon or 1PM. Then it's back on the road, up to the land of the cold and ice, that is known as Canada. And no, it doesn't really get cold as soon as you cross the border, nor do we drive dog sleds, and we sure as heck don't live in Igloos ;o) The weather is identical to that of Washington state. I think we'll be getting to my mom's around 3 or so, maybe a tad later. Depends on how long it takes the kids to eat lunch, and how many potty breaks we need. And then of course, there is the border. Yep, we've all got our passports. Me with my Canadian one, and my kids and the man with their American ones.

I already celebrated my birthday with my husband and the kids on Tuesday night, so tonight I will celebrate with my mom, sister and step dad. Mom is baking me a Black Forest cake, yummy!

We'll be on vacation till Tuesday sometime. I don't think I'll be blogging at all during that time, but I will try to check in once or twice from my husband's lap top. I'm really looking forward to this trip because we have so much fun stuff planned.

Look for The Big Project reveal after we get back. We need to discuss it with the family first, but I will post it on the blog soon.

I hope you all have a fantastic weekend!!

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Jessica said...

Happy Birthday! Love the new blog look :) Have a great holiday!