Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Birthdays And Gifts

Today we celebrated my birthday two days early. Because we are travelling on the actual day, my husband and the kids gave me my gifts early. I was spoiled! I am truly grateful for my family and the thought they put into these gifts. They got exactly what I wanted without me telling them, well, except for the big gift.

From my husband I got a Wii Fit!! I love it already. I have to say it was really funny seeing my mii get all fat on me, haha. But the best part was that it weighed me 10lbs LESS than my scale at home. Can you believe that? Here I've been going around thinking I have all this extra weight to lose, and I don't! And that was at night too, so I'm going to weigh again first thing in the morning and see what the actual morning weight is. The Wii Fit kicked my butt tonight, but I look forward to mastering more of the games.

From my oldest daughter, I got a red chair cushion for my desk chair, picked out lovingly so I wouldn't have to steal the couch pillows anymore. My son gave me season 1 of True Blood. Awesome!! I love that show. My middle daughter gave me a box of yummy European chocolates that I've had a couple of already. I love chocolate and never buy myself the nice expensive stuff, so this is a real treat. Our youngest didn't get me anything, but she a bit sad about it, so my husband will take her tomorrow to pick out something little for me.

Tomorrow, well, Thursday night, is my actual birthday. My mom is making us dinner at her house, and I'm getting her famous Black Forest Cake for my birthday cake. Yummy!

Since my mom, sister and I don't get together all that often, we usually lump a couple holidays and celebrations in together. This time it will be Mother's Day, my birthday, Mom's birthday and my sister's birthday. My sister is getting me a bunch of really nice hair product, and cutting and coloring, and styling my hair, as my gift. I'm really looking forward to that. She is a professional hair stylist, so I know she'll do a good job.

I had a LOT of trouble picking something out for my sister, but I found the PERFECT gifts for her tonight at Marshall's. I love them, and wish I had some for myself, but since we're not big wine drinkers, it was a waste of money. I can't wait to see her face when she opens them, I know she'll go nutso over them.

I wasn't trying to be all artsy fartsy with the white paper, just trying to hide my disorganized mess of a computer desk. There was also another goblet that had girly things on it like lipstick, "diva", hearts and what not, but I think those two were the best. Aren't they just AWESOME?


Karen said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Love the wine glasses! Hope you have a wonderful day celebrating!! God bless you!

KrustyTheCat said...

Thanks Karen!!! Those goblets only cost $4.99 each!!! Maybe i'll go back to marshall's today to see if I can't find some more ;o)

peppers said...

happy birthday! lucky you with all those gifts early. better than nothing at all *tear*

♥ Joanna said...

Whoa! Super cute classes!
Sounds like you had a really exciting birthday!
I love Wii, by the way. I remember stepping onto the board back in January, you know a few months preggers, and my mii was something else! LOL