Friday, January 23, 2009

Yankee Candles

Have you ever bought a Yankee candle before? They're supposed to be the best ones you can buy, but I have always shied away because they are so pricey. Literally, you will pay $20-$25 for a large 22oz candle. But they are the best, so people say. Apparently they smell really great and the scent actually travels through your house as the candle burns. And I've heard that as you burn them, the wax actually burns off the jar, so all you are left with is the silver part of the wick at the very end.

I'm a skeptic, I really am. I have never bought a Yankee candle before because they are so expensive, and I highly doubted the smell was that good.

Well, I've been reformed! I'm convinced! I'm a convert!

Today while I was at Marshall's, killing time while Midas changed the oil on my van, I found a Yankee candle. It was only 9.99 for a 22oz candle, which is a great bargain for a Yankee candle in that size. I purchased the Roasted Coffee scent and it is STRONG! But it smells fantastic. I am very happy with it. I also found some Yankee tea lights in a passion fruit scent that I will burn as well. I think I'll try them tomorrow. I'm not sure I want to burn the coffee scent every day, because it is that strong. I might go for a more neutral scent next time I can afford it. The hallmark store closest to me sells Yankees, so I will see if I can go there and get one.

This is the one I got:

In other news, tonight is our weekly "Family Friday Movie Night". I got "The Absent-minded Professor" for the kids. The old Disney one. I am looking forward to watching it, and I think they will really like it.
Well, I'm off...I have to cut up some chicken and prepare some stuff for dinner, as well as do some cleaning up.


Trevor and Alexandra said...

Yes... Yankee Candles are AMAZING! :) Glad to hear you're on a convert. Just to let you know, I found your blog today via BlogCatalog and REALLY enjoy your work! Keep it up.

KrustyTheCat said...

Thanks!!! And I'm happy to have a new reader ;o) it gives me encouragement for sure!!

Brooke said...

my yankee candle (a gift) smells even when i don't have it lit and just have the lid off!