Thursday, January 29, 2009

Family Vacation

This isn't much of a vacation, considering some vacations some families take, but this summer we're planning on 3-5 days in my hometown. My husband has never been there, and the kids only once-and then, we were only there for two days for a family function. We have a few ideas of what to do, but I'm at a loss for the other days.

The place we're going to be visiting is in the Lower Mainland, BC...near Vancouver. Those of you readers who are from BC can give me some ideas, right?

We're thinking of spending one of the days at Cultus, as that was where I spent the majority of my summers growing up. I love that lake!! I'll probably also go visit my Aunt and Uncle who have a house close to there, after we're done for the day...maybe.

I want to spend some time in my hometown showing the kids and my husband where I lived, grew up and went to school etc. Hubby wants to do a bit of shopping, as do I, and I'll want to visit my Oma. I'm actually thinking of seeing if she can have everyone over or something so that we can see the whole family.

That takes up two days, but what else do we do? We have considered White Rock, Stanley Park (not the aquarium), and I definitely want to take the kids on the Sky Train and see a bit of downtown Vancouver.

Apart from that, we're kind of out of ideas. My husband says nothing duplicate that we have here in the Seattle area. So no Science World, aquarium, no game farm...that sort of thing. Our home base will be Langley.

Whatever ideas you have, please share them. I want us to have a fun few days!


Brooke said...

i have no ideas - just wanted to say that growing up it never mattered where we went, just that we went somewhere as a family. :)

Mama Bear said...

Totally go to Cultus!!! You HAVE to!!! And definitely show the kids the school and your old houses and stuff. I would for sure ask your Oma to set up a family dinner/potluck or something, that way you see everyone in one place and don't have to make 56734562 trips to see everyone you want to see.

Stanley Park sounds good (maybe ride the train?) and White Rock is a good one because you can walk the boardwalk, find shells and crabs and what not, and have a great lunch or dinner there too.

The kids MUST ride the Skytrain! Hehehe. Wander around Gastown and maybe go to the Old Spaghetti Factory and have dinner in the caboose.

Hmmm what else...Wonderland? Go Bananas playplace for kids? That's in Langley I'm pretty sure.


Playland/PNE - somewhat expensive but even if you just do the PNE part without the rides that's fun for the kids and pretty cheap.

Fort Langley!!

Canadian Museum of Flight would be awesome.

Do the drive in movie theatre one night!!!

Good link:

Hope that you think we could arrange even a few hours to get together? It's been like 500 years since we've been together in person! :)

KrustyTheCat said...

We'll definately try to meet up!!!

amanda v said...

take the gondola (pardon my spelling... that looks wrong!) up Grouse Mt. They have stuff up there all year round! I've enjoyed catching up on your blog this afternoon! thanks for keeping from my housework! haha ;)