Monday, January 05, 2009

Back To The Real World

I had the tiniest smidgen of hope that yesterday's snow would stick around and we'd have one more snow day, but alas, I am out of luck. It started raining after midnight, and all the roads are clear now. So today it was back to the real world for us. Up at 7AM, kids up and dressed and off to school for the first time since Dec 15th!!

But it feels good to be back to normal, I guess. I went to the gym this morning and worked out for an hour, came home and showered and then ran some errands. Now I'm home again and have 2.5 hours before the kids come home, and then I have to start making dinner.

My husband left on Saturday, and we were sad to see him go again. He'll be back in 4 weeks for the twins' birthday, but only for a few days then because he spent 10 days at home this time. We had a great winter break though; we bought the kids a Wii for Christmas, so that was on almost constantly. We all had fun playing with it, and my husband and I had quite a few matches on Mario Kart (thanks to my sister for that one!).

Now that the holidays are over, I hope to get into blogging some more. I really slacked off during the month of December, and I want to fix that this month. Bug me if you don't see a post for a few days, ok? I might need a swift kick in the pants.

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