Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Flowers in my Window

Last night while at Safeway with the kids, I treated myself to some Daffodils. My vase is too big, so I put them in a large clear glass beer stein of Barry's. They are on my windowsil, and look so pretty! They are just starting to bloom. I haven't bought myself flowers in, well, forever! Not since I lived in Germany. Flowers over there were so cheap! I could get a gorgeous boquet for 5 DM, which was about 2.5 american.
It is hard to get a good shot because it is darker inside than outside. But they still look pretty!
Today I went to Shelton and loaded up the van. I still have stuff left there! One more load to go I think, and we should be done. This is ridiculous, all this crap left over. I just wish I could toss it all and just be done with it. So my plan to start organizing and cleaning will have to start tomorrow morning, as I can't put away and organize the girls' room while Aili is sleeping this afternoon. Maybe I can do something else this afternoon...if I am motivated enough.
Since we just moved, we got a new phone #. And now I am getting tons of telemarketer calls too. Today was one telling me I won a diamond quartz watch...if I just bought a magazine subscription. No thank you! I signed up immediately for the national do not call list.
And my happy post for the day: I just won this on eBay for my youngest for the fall. It's a size 4, so it might be a bit big, but once november rolls around, it should fit her quite well.
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Danna said...

Those flowers are really beautiful! And the shirt is really cute!