Sunday, March 16, 2008

and yet another...I have to make lunch.
Since we are saving so much money by renting, I am FINALLY getting a gym membership. I am so excited to finally be on the track to getting thin again. I've just gained too much weight in the last few years, due to stress, my 3d pregnancy (4th baby), and whatnot. So hopefully in a few weeks I will have my membership and I can start. It will be at the YMCA, and only about 5 minutes away from home. Plus they have child care! yep, I have to pay for it, but it is so worth it to me. We're saving money from our daughter not going to pre-k anymore, so I am using that money for my childcare at the Y. I dont like to share my weight/size, but I have a substantial amount to lose. I'll update when i get the membership and actually start goal is to go 4 days a week.

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Rina Larina said...

Oy - I hear you about the wanting to lose weight. I want to lose about 60 pounds...that will get me back to what I weighed when I got married 3 years ago. And of course, I want to lose at least some of it before we go to Mexico!!!

I am thinking about joining Curves. And going 4-5 days a week.