Sunday, March 16, 2008

The Damn Leprechaun Trap

here it is...

I took a shoe box and covered it in foil. Then i filled two little foil baking pans, star shaped, with lucky charms and pennies. The leprechaun climbs up the popsicle stick ladder, follows the pennies and falls into the hole. LOL the sign says "yummy snacks/gold down here". The bubble wrap is to cushion his fall. LMAO. And yes, I did almost all this myself. Eva glued the sticks and some of the pennies on. The top is supposed to go on top of the bottom, and once the leprechaun is "trapped", the top can be taken off to release him. Of course this is completely fictional and done only for show, for a kindergarten class. LOL We hope he enjoys his lucky charms snacks.

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Rina Larina said...

LMAO - I love it.