Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Vacation Planning

Most everyone knows I am planning on taking the kids on a trip this October to help us pass the one year mark as easy as possible.  I know there are most definitely differing opinions, running from "Why are you wasting your money" to "It wont help make it any better for you all".  And I have heard ALL of them!  While I value every one's opinions, I don't really care, because in the end, I'm going to do what I'm going to do.

And I'm taking the kids out of school for two weeks in October and we're going to Florida.   Yep, two weeks.  I will be taking homework for them, as I think it will help mellow them out too when they're too full of energy.  I'm sure the teachers will appreciate it too.  Originally I had planned on only going for a week and a half, but figured if we're going to do the whole Florida thing, we'd do it right.  I haven't booked anything yet, but will be doing so in the next couple weeks, as I am still doing research on everything.  My plan is to leave sometime between the 30th of September (on a red-eye) and the 6th, and stay for two whole weeks.  The only requirement I have is that we're there for sure before the 8th, because that is E's 8th birthday!!   We'll be doing the Disney World Resort theme parks for about a week or so, and then we're headed to Universal Orlando for 4 days. make it educational, lol, I'll be taking the kids to NASA aka Kennedy Space Center for a day.  I plan on skipping the beaches, because, I really don't care about that.  I haven't worked out the entire details, but the bulk of our trip will be at Disney World (The Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, Epcot and Disney's Hollywood Studios).

I am super super excited to go to Universal Orlando because "The Wizarding World of Harry Potter" will be open, and me being a huge Harry Potter fan, that will be the ULTIMATE vacation (besides Europe of course!).  Also, Harry Potter was Barry's favorite book series.  He loved it so much, it was even mentioned in his Obit and at the funeral.  I couldn't even tell you how often he read the books, more than I did for sure.  He was an avid Harry Potter Fan.  He and I were able to see the 6th movie together last summer!  As the kids and I were touring the Harry Potter attractions on the Universal website (check out the link I posted above!), I did get a little teary eyed.  It made me so sad that Barry wouldn't  be able to be there with us, because he would have loved it.  I know he'll be there with us still in spirit, but how I wish he could see it in the flesh with us at his side.  So this is something else we're going to do for him, and I am so excited!

Some of the stores they have open in the Hogsmeade village include Olivanders (Yes, I will get a wand for the kids! LOL), Zonko's and also Honeydukes among others.  There is even "Owl Post", which is a functioning post office, and mails items from there with a Hogsmeade postmark!  Can you tell I am excited? I am just over the moon about going.

If anyone has any tips on Disney World for me, or how to travel across the country with 4 kids on a plane, please let me know :) I welcome any advice that will help make it easier for me!  This is going to be a "once in a lifetime" thing, so I am going to make it the most memorable trip I possibly can.

I'm looking forward to sharing details with you all!!


Chrissy said...

You brave woman!. good for you.. As far as traveling, I think u know to pack goodie bags full of snacks, their favorite toy or as my friend did, she made a snippet of her child's favorite blankie for the plane... I use to give my kids those small backpacks so that they could carry their favorite things to preoccupy the trip... I can't believe people are being negative about you taking a trip...My husband use to plan the trips so when he was gone, I was at a loss.. Stupid, huh?

Rina the Mama Bear said...

FYI - I am STILL annoyed that you are going to Florida instead of Cali. LOL

I think people aren't trying to be downers about it, I think they're just worried about your financial situation. Which, essentially, isn't anyone's business but your own, but it's the same as when a woman is pregnant and EVERY SINGLE FEMALE WHO'S HAD A BABY feels they have the right to give advice.

Don't let it get you down - everyone handles money differently and anyone else's opinion is just that, an opinion. What you do is ultimately your decision.


I agree with Chrissy, you ARE brave, haha. I think you guys are going to have a buttload of fun though.

KrustyTheCat said...

I can see where they're coming from, except this trip is being paid for with my tax return! HAH!!!

Mom to Cat said...

I am so glad you have planned this trip! We were in July and it was the best family trip we have ever taken, I think your husband would defintely be the first one to agree that this is the best way to rememeber him. You inspire me everyday to take a min and remember what is important! You continue to make me want to reach for my goals and make sure that I realize how precious our lives really are!

Kori's House said...

We were just in Florida for spring break (check out my last several posts)We just did the 4 Disney parks & Typhoon Lagoon.
We stayed at the Lake Buena Vista Resort and Spa(3 bedroom for $150 per night)which wasn't within the Disney property.
I would recommend staying within the Disney Resort if you can (this includes some hotels that don't have Disney in the name) simply so you don't have to be driving to the parks each day. It's not a big deal driving except once you get to the parking lots ($14 per day) you still end up taking the monorail or boat. If I go back one day I hope to stay on Disney Property :)
Our hotel had a shuttle but it only went twice per day. We were a large group and didn't want to risk missing the shuttle and having to pay for taxi's.

Have a great time! Your kids will have wonderful memories for a lifetime and help you get through this difficult time.

MummyLiz said...

Hello there!

I just found your blog, what an insperation you are. My thoughts go out to you & your kids.
I'm here in Sydney Australia, what an awesome trip you & your kids will have to Florida, I hope you have a wonderful time & that it makes the anniversary a little easier on you all.