Monday, May 10, 2010

Last Wednesday? I'm Sorry!!!

I didn't realize it has been since Wednesday that I last blogged! Oops!  Sorry for my absence, we had a super busy week.

Thursday started off with my Mom and Oma coming for a few days from Canada, for Mother's Day and my housewarming party.  And since they're internet and computer Nazis, I wasn't able to get on here that much.  Friday we got up early to bring the kids to school, as I had TWO Mother's day events that day.  One was in the morning, and one was at noon.  In between, I managed to drive them around the city to see the sights a bit, and we also did a quick trip to Trader Joe's.  Then it was off to the school again, and after that, we spent the afternoon at Costco.   Saturday we were up at 7:30 and go-go-go ALL day.  We didn't really settle down until almost 10 PM.  We did food prep all morning, and then the party was all afternoon.  However, some friends came late and didn't leave till 9:30PM.  That's perfectly ok though, we had a lot of fun with them, and drank and played scrabble.

As yesterday was Mother's Day, the kids and I did stuff together.  We went out for lunch, and then did a bit of shopping.  We had a really long day too, as my mother's day gift to myself was this:

Her name is Athena, Butterball for short! haha.  She is 7 weeks old and just a joy!  I also got her to keep Braddock company, who is our 7 year old black lab.  We all love her to bits, even Braddock!  except the cats, they're keeping away from her. I bought all the pets some extra treats, and we're giving Braddock extra love so he doesn't feel left out.  I kept with the Greek theme for names (except for Braddock, we did this after he came along), because Barry always insisted we do "distinguished" names for our pets, nothing stupid like Shadow, Rover, that kind of thing.  He was always adamant about that.  So I kept up with it in his memory.  Athena is also AKC registered, and has champion bloodlines.  I may or may not breed her, I have to think about it for awhile.

In other news, with the excitement of Athena, I forgot what day it was today.  It's the 10th.  I even surpassed 11:11AM.  7 months ago I became a widow, and I forgot! I am shocked, guilty and relieved all at the same time.  It is the first time I have forgotten.  I don't even know what else to say, except I'm shocked I forgot.  This can only be a good thing though, as we go through the healing process.  But I actually forgot! wow.

I had a rough morning yesterday without him, as we had another holiday without Barry.  I cried as soon as I woke up, realizing that I'll never hear him say "Happy Mother's Day" to me anymore, I'll never get those deliveries from Pro Flowers or 1800Flowers anymore.  I cried and cried at breakfast with the kids, and my mom and oma.  I was better the rest of the day though, thankfully.  Yes, I do have my kids which are such a gift from him...but as much as i love them, they don't replace him, it doesn't make me feel that much better.  Flame me if you like for saying that, but I can't be happy just because I have the kids from him.  Because they don't replace him.  le sigh.

Well, time for me to be puppy mommy and put Athena outside again.  I hope everyone had a wonderful Mother's Day!


Chrissy said...

"flame you"? no way, one can ever replace a loved one.. and u know that...btw did i miss the part of why you got the puppy? she's adorable...

Crystal said...

I love this post and your puppy is adorable!! She is a beauty! I hope that your week is a good one. It is good you were surrounded by love on Mother's Day. You definitely do have a treasure in your family.

Gerardo said...

Why would you be flamed? While it is hard for some people to understand the kind of pain you feel right now, it is still very hard to NOT miss someone you have been so close to. It has been 5 years (6 this coming June 13) since my wife passed on. And although I have to great kids, twins (boy and girl, gonna be 7 May 30). They really don't replace their mother. And it is really the little things about our spouses that we miss the most. The best thing you can do you are already doing, you have family to be with you and a cute puppy to keep you company now. And just remember that you will always have the strength to move forward, you just have to let yourself do so! Keep smiling! And I am glad you had a wonderful mother's day. I'm a new follower to you from twitter. We are the same age, but your struggle has just begun as I am entering my 6th year next month. I just want you to know that you are being strong, don't ever second guess yourself!