Friday, November 12, 2010


I don't know what to write.

I'm busy being mom, mommy, mama, widow, Joanna, "wife" ?, and all else that entails who I am.

I haven't noticed how it happened, but it seems stress has crept into my life again without my knowing.  I've been having tension headaches in my jaw and facial area.  Quite honestly, I think I am clenching my teeth without realizing it. The headaches aren't THAT bad, but there is tension in my jaws, my face and the back of my head. I probably do it when I am sleeping.  It happens at random times during the day too.

I did have all four of my wisdom teeth removed in March, so I am hoping it has nothing to do with that.  I don't think so, as the tension has just started happening in the last few weeks.

Obviously something is bothering me, and I'm sure its just always.

I miss Barry, but I am so busy most of the time, I don't have time to think about him.

Actually, I FORGOT about the 10th.  Can you believe that? I didn't remember until it yesterday when it hit me that the anniversary date had actually passed.  I've almost forgotten a couple of times, but have remembered during the day.  I am shocked at myself.  How could I forget that? I am not upset about it, just in awe that I could actually forget such an important day.

I really don't feel like writing at the moment. I need a hot shower, I need to get dressed, I need to get out of the house.

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Kalei's Best Friend said...

The stress is grief... or masked as grief... just take it slow... don't think about it... GF u have a lot on your plate u've got 4 kids ( right?) u need a few hours of the day for yourself... is there a relative or good friend who could just drop by and spare u an hr.?