Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Works For Me Wednesday

Thanks so Shannon at Rocks In My Dryer for this weeks Works For Me Wednesday!

Quarters. Yep, that's what works for me. Just quarters.

Well, actually, I use quarters to bribe my kids! lol The three older kids are so motivated by quarters, that when I need them to do something, I use money. They love to use their quarters when we go to the mall to buy a gumball or two. Or they save it up for something to buy when we go to the corner store, or Safeway or something.

I look at it as an allowance of sorts. We don't give an allowance, but do this once in awhile. They don't get it all the time, usually when I lose something and need them to find it because I can't find it. Or if I ask them to do a special chore, or help me out a bit. They usually comply willingly.

And that's what Works For Me!


Karis said...

is the smartcycle on the kohls site??? i can't find!!!

Anonymous said...

its gone again. I need your phone # to call you, lol